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Fade to black... Decorating with black

Not many would be bold enough to paint a wall in flat black, but black has a way of introducing a level of drama and impact that no other colour can do.


Chalkboard paint has brought about a new way to decorate interiors and black walls are popping up in modern, traditional and contemporary homes as a way to introduce a new level of drama. You might be thinking that black seems a strange colour for a home, but take a look at some of the visuals below and you will immediately see that black doesn't have to be dark and moody.

Did you know that black walls can enhance the amount of light in a room when it's done right. And black also works well in small spaces. When applied to a feature wall, black defines the space and sets the stage for heightening the setting for furniture and accessories.





When painting a wall flat black choose an ultimate matt paint such as Prominent UltraMatt. UltraMatt paint hides imperfections, and matt black doesn't reflect light, which means it is perfect for walls with bumps, dips and ugly textured finishes.  You can have UltraMatt tinted to any colour, including black. Alternatively, use Prominent Select Matt if you are looking for a good quality paint at a more affordable cost.

Black accentuates even more when used in conjunction with white or bright colours. But be careful - too much black can be overpowering. Rather keep it simple and paint a feature wall in flat / matt black.

If there is one room in the home that relies on furniture and accessories to invigorate the space, it's the bedroom. Here black walls provide a sharp contrast with furniture and accessories. A black canvas lets a headboard take centre stage. Liven up the setting by using white or metallic objects as a contrast.

Think out of the box when decorating a child's bedroom or nursery. Allow black to act as a backdrop for colourful accessories, wood features, or crisp white trim. Natural light from the windows reflects on the dark walls and warms up the room.

Reinvent furniture with matt white paint and dress up an entrance hall with gloss black to make a dramatic statement. Black is the perfect colour to create a focal point, and when combined with white or metallics you have an eye-catching feature.

You would think that a long hallway painted black would be depressing and gloomy, but this hallway shows that it anything but. Crisp white doors and frames, white ceiling and white painted trim create a visual illusion of depth and height, while the hardwood floors warms the space.

Bring out the beauty of a black feature wall and use it to draw attention to decor accessories and furniture. Even simple items take on a theatrical effect, while wood furniture becomes a stand out feature.