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Duram ColorPro - Mix your own paint colours

Duram ColorPro let's you mix full, even colour instantly!


Duram ColorPro is a paint pigment that is stirred into Duram white paint to provide custom, rich paint colours. There are 17 colours in the Duram ColorPro range, and this allows you to produce 3 consistent shades using Duram Wall & Ceiling, Acrylic PVA WallSheen, Flexiwall, Armatex, Enamel & Trim, or Gloss Enamel.

To use Duram ColorPro simply choose your colour, shake and pour your colour into white paint, stir well (either by hand or with a mechanical mixer) and then you're ready to paint! It's quick and easy to mix your own custom colours.





Duram ColorPro is a concentrated colour formula that is economical (costs around R30 per colour). Paint is low VOC and contains no lead or metal.



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