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Colours that sell a home

There was a time when it was recommended you paint a house white from top to bottom when putting up for sale. Nowadays there are a variety of soft, muted hues that give a home a fresh and inviting feel.


White has long been to 'go to' colour when home staging for selling a property. But white can sometimes make a home feel sterile and cold. If you are planning to sell up and move on, take a look at some of the beautiful rooms below and be inspired by warmer, more inviting colour options for staging your property.

I have always believed that a hint of colour makes a big difference to living spaces, and is just as important as styling when putting a home on the market. Yes, white does provide a clean slate to work with, but there are so many muted paint colours that also offer a stylish approach to home staging, and can also be used to create a visual illusion or add warmth.

Greige has long been the new white; it's the fusion of beige and grey for a colour that is sophisticated and warm. Greige is an earthy colour that is easy on the eyes and works well in any room. With it's warm undertones, greige is the perfect alternative to the starkness of white and makes any room feel welcoming.

Use greige to add depth and warmth to a stark, white room. When having your colour mixed, you can vary the shade and hue of the colour depending on where you are planning to use it. A warmer (red) undertone of greige softens a monochromatic colour palette.

Greige is one of those versatile colours that goes with any colour palette, and every decorating style. Far from being boring, greige is the colour of choice for many interior designers. It has more depth than beige and is not as cold as grey, greige complements a variety of hues, and the shades of greige are endless.


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