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5 Creative Decorating Ideas With 1 Can Of Paint

When you feel that your home needs a bit of a facelift but don't have the budget, here are some creative ways to use a single can of paint for a dramatic impact.



When you want to give your home a facelift on a budget, paint is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to do it. But if painting all the walls in all the rooms is not on your list of things to enjoy, why not try one of these creative ideas instead. Rather than painting all the walls in a room, or all the walls in your home, these ideas only use a single can of paint and give any room a new look and feel.

These creative paint ideas are not just about using one can of paint, but they are also about using a small quantity of paint to transform a room - any room - to bring something different to your decorating scheme.









Why settle for a single colour when two look even better. White is a go-to favourite colour for many home decorators, but it can also be a bit boring if all your rooms are painted white unless you are specifically going for a monochromatic or minimalist design. Imagine how good a room could look if you combined white with your favourite colour and split the room into two interesting colours.

You can also use two colours to create an impact in a room that lacks any detail or architectural features. Love the idea of framing the bed in a second colour, one that pops against the other (white).









Open-plan living areas sometimes need a little help when it comes to defining zones throughout the space. Yes, you can use rugs to ground a specific area, and yes, you could also use partitions to define specific areas. But paint provides the perfect opportunity to use a single can of colour to define a zone within an open-plan living space - without blocking sightlines.

You can use paint blocking to define a corner for comfortable seating, use a ceiling-to-floor swipe of paint to define a bed or interesting feature. Don't be afraid to experiment with paint and colour.




Paint gives you the perfect opportunity to take an area in a home and transform it into a dramatic feature. Imagine walking into an all-white room and seeing this sunshine yellow seating area (above). It grabs your attention and makes you feel like taking a seat to relax and feel welcomed.

And if you have a feature that needs to grab a bit more attention, use paint to highlight the area (below). Not only does this feature instantly stand out, but the paint colour also brings the accent chair into the space beautifully.









In areas where there is high traffic, painted walls quickly become grubby. An easy way to overcome this is to paint certain spots in a darker colour, like the staircase shown above. The deep blue colouring ties in with the front door, the tiles and the trim on the carpet, and is far easier to keep clean than lighter paint colours.

If you have a fireplace in working order that tends to leave smoke stains on the wall above, painting this a darker colour will help disguise the stains, at least until you get round to washing the wall.




In a long, narrow open-plan living / kitchen or living / dining room, you only need a can of paint to break up the room into two sections. Use a paint colour that coordinates with something else in the room, be it a piece of art, textiles used in decorating the space, or another piece that has a colour you like.

A designer trick for long, narrow rooms is to paint the far wall in a dark or contrasting colour. This creates an optical illusion that fools the eye into thinking that the wall is closer than it is.








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