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Quick Project: Go wild with Cheetah stencils!

Use Cheetah stencils to add something different to your home. Take a look at how you can use a Cheetah stencil to give your home office a daring new look.


We might have a limited selection of locally available stencils, but what's stopping you from having stencils shipped from overseas. Because they're so light, it won't cost you much to import some of the amazing stencils you can find at Royal Design Studio - and they have a fantastic range to choose from.

A new trend that's popping up all over on catwalks and in stylish homes is cheetah spots. Move over zebra stripes - the cheetah is more on the wild side, and definitely adds wow factor to a room. Using a stencil gives you the same look as designer wallpaper, but you don't have to worry about stripping walls when you want to change the look.





Priced at around R500 (plus shipping), you can use the Cheetah spot stencil to Go Wild in any room in a home!



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