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Cemcrete CemWash

In this article we look at some of the technical aspects of Cemcrete's CemWash and explain you how to make use of it for your various home improvement and decorating projects.


Decorative Cement Finish

Cemcrete CemWash is a textured wall finish that, because its base is made of Portland cement, sets rock-hard. This decorative, pigmented, waterproof cement finish is UV resistant - ideal for indoor and outdoor use - and is an economical and extremely durable product. While CemWash will be more costly initially in comparison to most paint products, in the long term it offers a good return on investment.

Not the same as paint, CemWash is supplied in a powder form that is mixed on-site, and once applied provides a natural, mottled finish with colour movement, as opposed to a paint that offers a solid-colour finish.

In terms of durability and maintenance, when applied correctly, CemWash will outlast the best quality paint with little to no maintenance. CemWash can also be applied directly onto brickwork, thus eliminating the need to first plaster and then paint your walls. Apply CemWash to dry stack brickwork, breeze blocks, stock and face bricks, rough concrete, hard and clean bag wash, scratch plaster or previously painted surfaces.

Maintaining CemWash Finish

A CemWash wall is virtually maintenance free. For exterior walls wash with a high-pressure hose when necessary. On interior walls simply dust, vacuum or wipe clean with a damp cloth.

CemWash Application

CemWash is a 2-coat application applied with a block brush. CemWash can also be spray applied using a Hopper gun and compressor. For curing this product, you would need to mist spray the wall 3 times a day, the day after the final coat. CemWash doesn’t have to be sealed, unless you’re expecting a huge amount of dirt to come in contact with that wall.

CemWash is not DIY product, and it should be applied by a trained contractor. If your building contractor has experience working with Cemcrete products, and you feel confident in using them to do the application, then your builder can purchase CemWash directly from Cemcrete.


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