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Warm colours for Autumn

The cooler weather is on its way and we will soon be spending more time indoors. In this feature we look at how you can use colour to make a home feel warm and cosy.


Most of us don't paint our homes when the seasons change, but adding new colours, whether with paint, fabrics or accessories, is one way to warm up a home during the colder months of the year. We have recently featured several articles on decorating with shades of grey, so here are some cosy contrasts that you can bring into a room to heat up the space.

Charcoal & Cranberry

Most of us know that reds can warm up any room, and cranberry is a colour that doesn't overpower but is bold enough to inject warmth and personality - and even just a hint of  deep, rich reds makes a room feel warmer. Cranberry is a hue that is fresh for summer and cosy for autumn and winter.

If you have incorporated charcoal grey as part of your interior decor, whether on a feature wall, as a shades of grey decor scheme, or perhaps your furniture is upholstered in a deep grey/charcoal colour - why not pair the two together. Introduce cushions and throws in cranberry hues for a pop of colour, or warm up a floor with a pattered rug.

In a bedroom, it's so easy to introduce warm colours with bed linens. Look for bedding sets that incorporate deep, warm reds and pair these with shades of grey to add spice and warmth to the room.

Here in South Africa, we struggle to find accessories that complement decorating schemes. This is where mastering basic sewing and upholstery skills come in handy. Being able to choose fabrics for upholstery projects gives you more freedom to decorate rooms to incorporate colour, pattern and texture. And there are plenty of fabric stores where you can pick up designer fabrics at discounted prices.

Even if you don't want to change up your current paint colours, you can add cranberry hues by way of cushions and pillows, and a few scattered accessories.

While white walls are the perfect canvas for rooms, in a room that receives plenty of natural light you can look at dark walls. A charcoal feature wall can turn any room into a cosy retreat and it also sets off wall art and hangings.

Grey & Deep Blue

When you think of decorating with blue, it's to add a cooling effect to rooms. Blue can also be used to warm up a room if you use deep, rich blues that have a hint of grey or yellow added to them.

Interior decorators know that the more blue gravitates towards yellow the warmer it becomes. For example, teal and robin's egg blue are considered warmer than those without any yellow.

Whatever colour choices you prefer, it's easy to warm up your home for the cold months ahead. Pop into your fave home decor store and see what they have to offer for autumn and winter, or stock up on fabrics and start creating!


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