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Paint Trends For A Fresh, Spring Home

If it's time to give the interior of your home a new coat or two of paint, some wonderful paint hues are waiting to fill your home with brightness, warmth and fresh spring appeal.





We all look forward to the arrival of spring when we can open our homes to blow out the cobwebs and get a fresh start on the year ahead. Even though times are a bit gloomy at the moment, what better way to begin a fresh start than with the arrival of spring. Dust-off your paintbrushes, dig out the stepladder and pop into your nearest paint store to grab a can or two of these spring colours to refresh your home.

At first glance, you may think that these colours are pastel hues, which are most definitely on the way out as far as trends are concerned, but they are anything but. This year's spring colour palette is sophisticated and grown-up pastel shades that will lighten up any room in the home.







The Spring colour palette isn't just for walls. With so many paint products to choose from, you can use paint almost anywhere these days.


Remember our post on soothing spring colours from Plascon? These are a selection of colours that can be used in any room in a home, not only just for spring but to brighten up your living spaces if it's time for a paint makeover. In line with spring trends, the colours included in the spring palette include a soft blue, warm pink, sunny muted yellow and palest green. Using any one of these colours is a great way to give your home a new look.







In a cool or south-facing bedroom that needs a bit of warming up, even in summer, try Plascon Maple Pecan. It's a subtle pink that won't overwhelm the senses but adds a bit of warmth to a room.



Maple Pecan is a wonderful colour for those afraid to go bold but great if you want to decorate a room to add a feeling of warmth. It's also the perfect colour for a little girl's room, where you don't want to go too pink and overwhelm the room.


A buttery-yellow colour adds a dash of sunshine to a room that doesn't receive a lot of natural sunlight. Or you can use this colour to create a cheery atmosphere.




Warm-up any room with Plascon's spring colour Divinia [Y5-A1-4). This soft buttery-yellow hue brings the sunshine indoors and can be used on walls, trim or furniture.  



Green, particularly a muted sage green colour, works beautifully with modern greys and a dash of pink. Just the thing for decorating a spring living room. With its calming and soothing properties, this green hue will create a living space that is both relaxing and welcoming.







Decorate with a muted green to bring a sense of calm to your home interior.


A muted green hue is not only calming and soothing, but it's also an easy way to bring the outdoors indoors if you are not a fan of houseplants. Choose a green that perfectly complements your existing colour scheme for linens and textiles, or redecorate the room around the colour of the walls - whatever works best for you!

In these times of uncertainty, we all need a dose of elemental energy in our homes and using the psychology of colour is just one of the many ways to do this.


If you prefer your colours a tad more vibrant, take a look at Plascon's Mermaid Jewel when you're next in your favourite paint store.


If Dulux is your preferred choice for paints, they too have some wonderful colour combinations for 2020 and you will be able to select your favourite colour swatches at your nearest paint store.




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