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What's Happening with Paint?

As Builders start their paint promotion, we thought it might be great to find out what is happening with paint; from technology to colour trends.


As Builders gear up for a massive paint promotion, what better time than now to get the latest on paint technology and colour trends. In this feature we give you the lowdown on the latest colour trends and popular trends for paint products.






Muted Hues And Barely-There Colours

Believe it or not, South Africans love everything cream and taupe, and even the palest hues of pink are still a popular colour for decorating a home,

You can layer these nude hues with organic materials and beautify wood furniture, or add some wicker baskets and a few leather accents - and that's all you need for a home that is on-trend. These colours are elegant and sophisticated and bring a sense of calm and peace into a home when paired with soft upholstered furniture and warm wood accents.







Bring interest into a room decorated with nude hues by adding a variety of different textures. It's so easy to work with a neutral canvas where you can add bold graphics and splashes of vibrant colour.

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Achieve the look with Fired Earth’s Whispers of White - Pillow, Sisal and Down and Modo’s Dumpling and Natural Almond are the perfect place to start on your journey to decorating the home.

Grey Is The New White

One of the trendiest colours we have seen these past couple of years, grey is the new white - and is just as timeless. While grey may sound a bit boring and industrial, you can have shades of grey mixed for warm and cool hues, making it perfect for any room and any home. Whatever you pair it with, be it rustic cottage or contemporary chic, grey has a way of making it work no matter what.

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Fired Earth's Ultimate Coat, ideal for both interior and exterior walls, has a selection elegant greys or try Evolve’s Moon Shadow for a subtle colour-changing effect under artificial and natural lighting. And there's also Modo Cliff Face, Grey Dove and Alley Cat. And for kid's rooms take a look at Fired Earth Fresh Air Kids in Hippo Grey.



Refresh With Chalk Paint

I don't think that anyone expected chalk paint to become such a sensation, but it's probably due to the fact that it is easy to use and has so many different applications. Chalk paint ties in perfectly with the Shabby Chic look, and lets anyone - even someone who has never painted before- transform furniture and accessories.

Craft and painting enthusiasts are creating more and more ways to use chalk paint, from painting tile floors to upcycling old furniture. That's what makes chalk paint so popular - Its versatility has no limits. And chalk paint has the advantage on other paints in that it requires very little prep work beforehand. Simply give a light sanding and apply the chalk paint. Once you are done you can use a variety of techniques to add a unique finishing touch.

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Fired Earth’s range of Chalk Paint colours is great value for money. The colour range includes a selection of muted hues as well as clear and dark wax for adding your favourite finish.



Bring Out The Best In Walls

Add some drama to walls with Fired Earth Suedette. This acrylic paint has a natural suede textured finish that brings out the best in walls. With Suedette you can achieve a plain textured finish or go for a more weathered or rustic look. Ideal for indoors and outdoors, Fired Earth Suedette is easy to apply and the water-based formula means it's also easy to clean up after use.

The rich hues of Suedette let you design an instant feature wall or focal point in a room with just a can of paint and a paint roller. And the luxurious matt finish of Suedette hides all those nasty blemishes on your walls!



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