Get inventive in a rental home

You've just moved into a new flat and you love it. But what can you do about all those bare walls? Whilst most rental agreements won't allow you to drill into the walls, there are ways to decorate your new place without picking up a hammer.


Stick 'em Up!

Thanks to Henkel and their Pattex range of products - with No More Nails you can throw away the hammer and get sticking! The Pattex range offers a wide selection of adhesives and mounting strips that are perfect for those renting a home - all you have to do is squeeze it or stick it for fabulous interiors.

No More Nails mounting tape - the red one - is an extra strong double-sided mounting tape for fast and easy mounting indoors and outdoors. You can use this product for hanging small to medium pictures. The only requirement is that surfaces be absolutely clean - so wash walls with Sugar Soap before mounting your art.

Create your own feature wall by arranging several smaller framed or unframed pieces. Start off by laying the pieces on the floor and working out the arrangement that you like best. Apply No More Nails mounting tape firmly to all four corners of each frame and position each frame onto the wall by peeling off the red protection foil and pressing the frame firmly onto the wall.



Most people make the mistake of hanging their artwork or photographs too high on the wall. Hang your pictures at eye level or approximately 150mm from the floor. You can even break this rule and go lower in a room where prople are generally seated, such as a dining room

Don't use cheaper alternatives ... Pattex No More Nails mounting tape holds up to 50kg per roll and can be applied to tiles, metal, wood, stone, glass and plastics, which means that you can hang your favourite pieces anywhere!

janice anderssen - diy diva - images: apartmentherapy - pbase - various