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Use fairy lights or string lights in new ways

Forget just using fairy lights or string lights at Christmas, if you buy LED fairy or string lights, these are an energy efficient way to add light, decor and atmosphere to any room in the home - without having to pay an exhorbitant electricity bill at the end of the month.


These fairy lights are glued onto beautiful translucent butterflies (which you will find at craft and hobby stores for a bargain) and then mounted on top of a headboard. How many of you are thinking... "What a great idea!" And how magical are these fairy lights that shimmer through translucent drapes hung from the ceiling. This method of hanging drapes is perfect if you don't want to go to the expense or don't have the space for a 4-poster or canopy bed.

Use petals from silk flowers to create this wonderful flower garland. Attach flower petals to the lights with 5-minute epoxy glue.

Fairy lights are perfect for making decor accessories a feature. These tin stars stand out against a white wall, on top of a white mantel shelf.

This eye-catching artwork is simple to create. Make up or buy a canvas frame and use a sharp craft knife to make a tiny cut - just enough to pop the light through the back of the canvas.

Make your own designs to fit onto plain fairly lights. This design features a selection of bird cages, rope or wicker shades and dragonflies. You can use a thin-gauge wire to make the cages and dragonflies. For the spiral body on the dragonfly, wrap wire around the top of an artist's paintbrush that tapers to a point at the top. Buy thin-gauge wire at your local Builders Warehouse.





This mosaic mirror wall is stunning to look at and simple to make. Attach mosaic mirror bits to heavy-duty nylon line with 5-minute epoxy glue. The line must be long enough to hang over the top of a chrome bar to drop down the front and back. Hang the chrome bar on two hooks and then wrap the lights from side to side on the hooks, creating a garland that drapes down the back. Buy chrome pipe and hooks at your local Builders Warehouse.

Dress up an old chandelier frame with fairy or string lights for a special occasion or to add glamour to a dining room. These fairy lights are wrapped through and around the frame to create a garland of lights.

Use hanging fairy lights to set the stage for a romantic and magical event such as a wedding. Hang lights behind a sheet curtain to soften the effect.

And why settle or ordinary when you can make something special with something as simple as a framed mirror.

Who says chopped wood has to look boring. Why not add a sprinkling of fairy lights to really set the mood.

And still on the topic of wood. Dress up an overhanging tree, trellis or pergola to transform any outdoor occasion.

And don't forget the wine... Upcycled wine bottles filled with fairy lights are just the thing for dressing up a party or table.

Always use LED fairy or string lights, as these lights are not only energy efficient - they also generate far less heat.


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