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A warm home for winter

Adding a few select accessories can change a cool summer room into a cosy and warm winter cave - perfect for hibernation during the colder months of the year. We look at Eurolux lighting range of ceiling lamps, floor lamps and pendant lamps. Find Eurolux at your local Builders Warehouse or lighting store.


1. Light up with warmth

The easiest and most practical way to warm up a room is to add layered lighting. Ceiling fittings are essential for most rooms, but switch on a standing or table lamp and you instantly add warm lighting.

Your local Builders Warehouse stocks a wide selection of Eurolux fittings for any decor style, and at prices to suit your pocket. .

2. Layer it up
Soft furnishings and accessories can do wonders for a cold room. A thick pile rug, some textured cushions and a throw are must-have essentials for warming up on winter evenings.

3. Add heat
If you are considering options for heating up your home, especially a home in the coldest regions of the country, shop around for more sustainable options that will heat up the home without burning your bank balance.

If you have taken measures to weatherproof or draughtproof your home, you won't need to spend a fortune for heating. I still prefer a natural wood-burning fireplace, but closed systems use far less fuel and provide far more heat. The only downside is that you have to pay the price for these.





4. Insulate cold rooms
Blank expanses of glass might be nice in the summer months, but during winter most of the heat in a home escapes. For the colder months of each year, have a set of drapes that you can install to keep in warmth.

5. Circulate warmth

A ceiling fan not only cools you in winter, a fan that has a winter/summer setting is also ideal for circulating warm air. We know that hot air rises and a ceiling fan - on reverse function - will distributed warm air evening, keeping you cosy and snug when it's cold outside.