White home accents

Using white in interior decorating seems to come and go, but it remains the freshest and cleanest look around. If you’re looking to add white to your home to give it a fresh new feel, consider the following ideas.


Not quite white
You may think that white is white... right? Wrong! There are so many shades of white; a pure white creates a clean modern look, whereas shades of red or brown white create a romantic or antique feel, and shades of blue or green white provide a refreshing and cool feel.

White pieces are eye catching and inject any room with immediate interest, especially when combined with light accessories and dark furniture.

Living with white
Whilst white may not be the colour of choice for furniture in a home with children, if it fits your lifestyle then go out on a limb. Make sure that fabric is treated with stain guard or purchase a suite with removable covers for easy washing.

White on white
If you're looking for a way to display your favourite white china, add an accent colour that ties in with the decorating scheme to highlight the display of white on white.



Romantic in white
Creating tranquility, warmth and love, pink is the up and coming home decor sensation. When combined with white the look is fresh and soft. Every girl - young or old - loves her pink. Give it a try!

Themed white
Coastal decor, country cottage or shabby chic, all of these styles incorporate the use of white accessories, either as tone-on-tone or combined with a single colour for contrast.

Paint it white
You can paint furniture and decor accessories in white with the right paint. Use acrylic paints for painting furniture and one of the Rust-Oleum range of paints for ceramics, plastic, wicker, stone and more.

Have a white Christmas
With the festive season almost here, think about transforming your home for a truly white Christmas.

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