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Dress up bare walls with wall decals

Wall Decals and Wall Murals are one of this season´s biggest home decor trends and can be used to transform almost any room in your home.


All wall decals and wall murals come in separate, easy to install panels that can simply be pasted and smoothed onto a wall just like wallpaper. If you are looking to put a stylish and affordable finishing touch to any room in your home, then wall decals or wall murals are the perfect choice!

You will find a varied selection of wall decals and wall murals at your local Builders Warehouse. A wall decal or wall mural, once applied, contributed to the spa-like atmosphere of this bathroom. It’s a great way to add natural flair to a small space.

Wall decals are much faster to apply than stencil-painted patterns, but they provide a similar look. Plus, you can apply self-adhesive wall decals to wall in a rented home without worrying about damage. We show you how we applied our intricate wall decal with smooth, stylish results.

Remove the backing
The decal that we chose came with a layer of white backing paper on the bottom, the decal in the centre, and see-through transfer paper on top. We started by lining up the backing paper where we wanted it on the wall, and attached the top with masking tape. Then we reached under the decal and peeled off the backing paper.





Smooth the details
Next, we carefully rubbed the decal by hand to smooth it out. Work out from the centre to the sides, top and bottom to release larger air bubbles that may be trapped underneath.

Once in place, we burnished it firmly with a credit card. By doing this you increase the bonding strength between the self-adhesive vinyl and wall, minimising the risk of the wall decal peeling off.

Reveal the results
When the entire pattern was attached, we pulled off the transfer paper. The design underneath was well-adhered and looking great. When you want your walls to make a dramatic statement, a wall decal may be the right choice. This tree branch decal, for example, looks great next to the floating shelves in this bathroom.