Add colour to a rental home

Give your home a bold injection of optimism with furniture and accessories in vivid colours. Set strong colours against a raw or neutral-coloured wall. Or why not mix and match accessories in strong colours? The trick is to group objects and not scatter them around. This way, it will feel uplifting. Not overwhelming.


Most rental homes come hand-in-hand with a long list of rules. If you are left with a bare-walled apartment in the colour that you only half prefer, here are the top three tips through which you can add colour without painting the walls.

Hanging Wall Art
This is an all-encompassing term covering pieces such as sculptures, canvas paintings, prints, posters, photographs, wall plaques, and other unique items. When used properly, these will certainly add dashes of colour to any room in the apartment- be it the living room, the bedroom, or the dining room. Choose one type or combine any of these to create the look that you want. Just make sure that the overall design scheme is consistent, and the colours are well coordinated.



DIY Tip:
There's nothing wrong with hanging artwork in a rental home - as long as you repair any damage and make good before you leave. Use quality picture hangers to avoid damaging the walls. When you leave, fill the holes with Polyfilla, sand smooth, and paint over with matching paint colour. Good as new!

Using Curtains
Another option is to hang floor-to-ceiling curtains on any blank wall to infuse any room with pops of brilliant colour. When selecting the colour, keep in mind the overall effect you wish to achieve. For example, bold colours such as red or blue could make the room less spacious. On the other hand, light colours such as lemon yellow or mint green could make the room seem brighter and more open.

Coordinating your Furniture
Chances are, most apartments come painted with neutral-coloured walls. If that is the case for you, then you do not need to hang anything on the wall and instead, focus on the right combination of furniture and accessories to add colour to any room. Since the sofa is usually the centrepiece of the living room, why not choose one in your favourite colour, then add throw pillows that complement that colour.

To further heighten the effect, anchor the sofa with a neutral-coloured rug to set off the colour scheme of the couch. Using other accessories and accent pieces, such as a canvas painting which picks up the colour of your furniture, will also emphasise the colours presented.

Indoors and Outdoors
Don't limit colour to your indoors - outdoors need some colour too! Add splashes of colour with accessories in the latest hues and shades.

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