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5 Decor Trends You Don't Want In Your Home

Trends have a habit of inspiring us to do things in our homes, only to become out of fashion a few years later - leaving our best intentions looking dated and anything but trendy.




I'm am one of those people who like to stay updated on current trends and even put some of the current trends to practice in my own home. What I'm not, is someone who fills my home with trends that are here today and gone tomorrow. The trends I tend to like are those that appeal to my personal nature, are of eco-friendly or sustainable origin, or will add to the appeal of my home. It's annoying when you go to the expense of cladding a wall with faux barn wood, panel areas in your home with beadboard or board and batten, or rip out your kitchen to fit a trendy design, only to find that the work you've done is not considered dated.

If you like to follow trends and incorporate these in your own home, do it in such a way that it is not something you have to live with and no longer like, just because it is no longer trendy. We look at 5 trends that were hugely popular but are now anything but.







Reclaimed wood furniture might be off the list, but you can still add touches to a home.



There are plenty of people who love working with reclaimed wood, whether it's reclaimed wood pallets, an old wooden fence, and even floorboards that were picked up at a bargain price. I'm not sure why this is even considered a trend, as to my mind anything reclaimed should be given a new lease on life if possible. But those in the know have deemed that reclaimed wood is on the way out, especially when it comes to filling a home with sliding barn doors and tons of reclaimed furniture pieces that you made yourself.

I love the look of reclaimed wood but not to the extent that everything in a home is made of the stuff. A few accent pieces and perhaps a sliding barn door in your den or family room is OK, as are pieces that incorporate reclaimed wood details but don't go overboard.


If you love the look of reclaimed wood, invest in an accent piece of furniture that brings the raw beauty of reclaimed wood into the home without overdoing the look.








Ditch the kitsch and keep it simple and muted for coastal-style decor.



When we talk about nautical decor we are not including coastal style, but more of those homes filled to the brim with anything that looks like an anchor, clamshell, or elements of blue and white exploding all over the room. Coastal decor, on the other hand, is more subtle in its approach to anything related to beachy or shipshape and this is the look you should rather go for if you are decorating a holiday home, vacation unit or just love to have the colours of sea and sand in your home.


A nautical theme is great for decorating a children's bedroom but keep it out of your main living spaces.


When open shelves become overloaded with clutter it defeats the whole purpose and you are better off with closed cupboards that hide all the mess.



Shelves are just the thing for keeping a room organised, but too much shelving has the opposite effect. Walls in living rooms and kitchens only enhance the sense of not enough storage and nowhere to put stuff. The idea behind shelving is to not only give you a bit of extra storage but also let you put a few select items on display. Don't let shelves be the feature in all their cluttered glory.


If you are a disorganised person by nature it's not a good idea to put up open shelving where you can store even more disorganised stuff.







If you are still hung up on geometric designs, and particularly chevron, incorporate this in such a way that it does not overpower a room.



Geometric designs, particularly the chevron design, is about to fade into obscurity once again. It's back to the seventies for chevron. Having said that, there's nothing wrong with small doses of geometric patterns, perhaps on cushions, in artwork, or even a small mat, but don't let geometric designs overwhelm a room with eye-watering chevron curtains or rugs.

I'm a firm believer that less is best in whatever you do or everything in moderation as the saying goes. This applies to your home decor just as much as it does to everything else. Bold patterns have a habit of taking all the attention and everything else in a room gets overlooked. Let your rooms shine on their own with one or two accent pieces or a piece of furniture that makes a statement with its clean lines and timeless design.


If you have loved the resurgence of geometric design, you can still incorporate this in small doses with art and perhaps a cushion or two.







Unless you are a true fan of retro, don't even think about wasting your hard-earned money on boldly coloured appliances.



I have never been a fan of colourful appliances, other than a KitchenAid mixer or toaster and my Le Creuset pots, and large appliances in bold colours have always struck me as being a wasted expense for a trend that was doomed to fade away sooner or later. Well, that day has arrived and I can be glad that I never purchased a bold blue refrigerator or pink oven.

White, silver or black appliances will complement any type of kitchen style and you won't have to think about replacing them when they go out of fashion.



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