Ikea living room storage options you can make

As far as affordable furniture goes, Ikea definitely offers the widest range of options for living room storage. Unfortunately we can't buy Ikea furniture here in SA, but that doesn't mean you can't grab your tools and make your own stylish storage furniture. Here are some tips to guide you...


Let's take a look at various Ikea storage furniture designs and break these down, so that anyone who wants to make similar units can!

Build a basic cube

I have often said that knowing how to make a basic cube is the starting point for many DIY furniture projects. When it comes to storage, this is even more obvious. Most of the furniture shown on this page uses a basic cube as the frame, and then components are added to create a style that fits in with your style.

Add functionality to your cube

Using a basic cube as your starting point, you can easily add elements such as shelves, drawers, or fit a door.

At Builders Warehouse you will find a wide range of hardware and components for building up your storage cabinet. Shelf pins allow you to adjust the height of shelves and you will find an easy tip for drilling holes for shelf pins here. If you want to add a door, there are various door hardware options for hinges, depending on the design. Finish off your cube by adding a piece of 3mm Masonite backing board fastened in place with staples or panel pins.



Make a rectangular box

Slightly different in design from the basic cube, the easiest way to build a rectangular box is shown below. Shelves add stability to the unit and keep the corners square, although you can add corner braces at the back as an alternative.

Choosing the right timber or board

There are plenty of options to choose from for making a storing unit and this also depends on the design or style that you want.

Available at  Builders Warehouse in a range of designs, MelaWood is a laminate-covered BisonBord or SupaWood that comes in a sheet and can be cut to size. Practical for furniture manufacture, MelaWood is durable and hard-wearing, and comes in dark or light wood , solid colours, or stone finish.

BisonLam or SupaLam
SupaLam is available in double face as well as single face and is available in three surface finishes, Peen (a textured, stippled finish), Executive (a smooth, matt finish) and Ashwood (an embossed, wood grain finish).

Used extensively in do-it-yourself furniture applications, SupaWood has a smooth finish that accepts a variety of paint options.

Available at various timber merchants, plywood - whether pine or exotic veneer - offer an affordable alternative to wood, and can be stained and sealed in a variety of tints.

Hard and soft woods
There are a selection of hard and soft woods available locally, of which pine is the most widely used due to its price. Other woods are more expensive, but obviously far superior when manufacturing furniture.