Decorate your home with spring flowers

For me personally spring is the most beautiful time of the year. I love walking around the garden and seeing the new buds burst into new life; watching spring bulbs burst open with colour and taking in fresh scents. An easy way to bring the beauty of spring into your home is with a colourful arrangement of spring flowers.

Nothing adds more glorious colour than a bunch of freshly cut spring flowers. Take an early morning walk around the garden to gather together a beautiful bunch of flowers for your home.

Lilacs, tulips and hydrangeas make a bold display of colour and add the scent of fresh flowers to any room. While an arrangement of lilacs on their own look equally stunning.

This casual arrangement of spring flowers is created using floral sponge and a glass cake display stand. Soak the sponge before pushing the stems of your cut flowers in place.

You can use almost any container for fresh flower. Dress up a plain vase with a strip of lace wrapped around the top. Use colourful ribbon to make a decorative weave pattern on the top of a square vase to help hold flowers in place and make a wonderful display.



A simple glass vase is all you need to display freshly cut spring bulbs to their best. Cut the stems in the early morning and immediately place in water that is not too cold.

If you prefer muted shades, mix spring whites with fresh green foliage and soft touches of baby's breath for an elegant display.

Add a splash of colour to your dining table with a simple arrangement of freshly cut spring flowers in your favourite colour.

Add a unique twist to your arrangement by taking a long tulip or canna leaf and curling it around the inside of the vase before adding water. Or wrap a single leaf around a bunch of stems and display.

When it comes to vases and containers - anything goes as long as it's waterproof. Look around the home for something unusual and unique and create a wonderful spring display.