Adding colour and texture with an area rug

Dress up any bland space in a home with an area rug to add interest, colour or texture. Today's rugs come in so many wonderful colours and designs that instantly spice up a living space. And you can easily paint up your own custom rug if you can't afford to buy new.

Designer Andreea Avram Rusu believes a good rug can anchor the entire composition of a room. "An area rug can either bring something unexpected or add a jolt of colour," she says. "Don't be afraid to use a bold colour or rich pattern." Set again the white floor, white walls and white upholstered chairs, a zebra-inspired rug adds a shock of colour and becomes the focal point in this room.

The space is filled with a warm range of metallic accents.  An eclectic feel throughout the room results from the mix of warm light, rare Art Deco pieces and contemporary art and design all tied together by a luxurious rug that incorporates all the metallic hues in the room.

Contemporary design with just a touch of casual attitude. A chenille rug in pale hues lightens the room with its stone-clad fireplace and dark wood flooring. Rugs are ideal for setting out 'spaces' within a large, open plan room.



Should furniture be placed on or off a rug? That's entirely up to you and how a rug fits in the space. You can choose to place furniture halfway on a rug, or let furniture float on top of a rug. Here is a beautiful example of a large graphic rug defining a space and shows the effectiveness of having all the furniture legs placed on the rug.

Animal prints continue to feature in designer homes, and this faux Zebra rug fits right at home in this eclectic combination of modern and contemporary furniture.

A light coloured rug, when combined with dark furniture and flooring, instantly lifts and lightens up a small space.

Rugs are wonderful at introducing colour into a room, or bringing colours together for a balanced setting. In this room setting - above - who needs art when you have a kaleidoscope of colour on the floor !

If you need to add a feeling of warmth to a room, add a rug in warm tones, such as yellow, orange and red. These colours instantly dial up the heat !

When talking about focal points or wow factor, sometimes all it takes is an attention-grabbing area rug !

In this living space the colour flows up from the floor onto the couch and continues up the walls. The rug is the centrepiece of this setting and anchors everything firmly in place.