Make Paper Mache Lampshade

Update a pendant light with this easy paper mache lampshade made using toilet paper, wallpaper adhesive and craft paint.


This paper mache lampshade is made using a couple of toilet rolls, some acrylic craft paint to add colour, and wallpaper paste. The shade is moulded over a balloon and the inside painted with gold paint for a subtle reflection.


Toilet rolls [2]

Pattex wallpaper paste

Acrylic paint


Stick blender

Bucket of clean water

Colander and cloth

OPTIONAL: Gold craft paint


Plastic to protect your work surface




1. Fill the bucket to half with clean water and pop in the two toilet rolls. Make sure they are properly submerged and wait for about 10 minutes before removing the cardboard tubes inside the toilet rolls.

2. Use your hands to thoroughly mush the toilet paper and ensure everything is well soaked with water. You can also use your hands to break apart larger pieces.

3. Once all the larger pieces are broken apart use a stick blender to create a mushy paste. Work the mix until all the pieces break down.

GOOD TO KNOW: Make sure that the paper is broken up completely before moving on to the next step.



4. Place the colander over the top of a bucket or a large bowl and place a clean cloth inside this.

5. Pour the mix on top of the colander and cloth.

6. Squeeze out all excess moisture.

7. Add three heaped teaspoons of wallpaper adhesive to the paper mache paste.

8. Mix well with your hands.

9. Squeeze acrylic paint into the paper mache to add your choice of colour.



10. Inflate the balloon and place on a container to elevate. Use your hands to apply a thick layer of paper mache over the balloon.

11. Smooth the paper mache for a nice finish to your lampshade. Continue adding paper mache over the balloon until you are satisfied with the shape.

12. Use the cardboard tube from the toilet roll to make a hole at the top of the paper mache lampshade for adding the light fitting.

GOOD TO KNOW: Let the paper mache dry for a couple of days in a warm, dry place.

13. Press down around the balloon to remove the paper mache shape.

Optional Finishing

Dab on gold acrylic to the inside of the lampshade, so that when you hang in place it gives a subtle reflection of light.

For more information, I have included the original video below which, unfortunately, is in German.




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