Work magic with mirrors

Do your rooms feel small and dark? It's easy to cheat your space with mirrors. Simply hang them cleverly and your rooms will look bigger, brighter and a whole lot nicer.


Double the Effect
In a room that's really small and prone to a lack of natural daylight, double the effect by positioning a mirror opposite mirrored furniture. This will improve your room’s proportions instantly and make it seem much bigger.

Throw Light into a room
Place a large mirror at right angles to a window to create maximum light and whatever the size of your room, it’ll look bigger and brighter.



Show off the Whole Room
Putting a large mirror in the alcove alongside a chimney breast will not only allow you to see the whole room while you sit, looking at the focal point of a room, it will also stop the focal point from advancing visually into the room.

Squeeze more Space
In a small bedroom that's just a bit too tiny for a double bed and two bedside tables, swap one of the bedside tables for a mirror on one side of the bed to make the space seem bigger and to get the benefit of extra light.

Widen your Hall
Large expanses of mirrors in typically small, light-starved spaces will instantly add depth and airiness. The trick, with hallways is to get as big a mirror - or group of mirrors - as possible. For a really narrow space, keep the frames narrow and fuss free.

Make a Mirror the Feature
Don't just use plain mirrors - picking eye-catching designs that create both a feature and a pool of light - is a clever way to add interest to a plain wall in a dark room.

Play with Proportions
In a boxy room, a mirror can really play with and enhance proportions. Here, placing the mirror where it will reflect a white wall for plenty of light, adds the illusion of extra space, but also helps the room look less square than it is.

Put Mirrors wherever you Can
You can never have too many mirrors in a bedroom, especially if it is small. Mirrored panels on an armoire-style wardrobe are an easy way to add to the spacious effect and keep the look pretty in a bedroom.

Highlight a Feature
If you've got a beautiful light fitting, a fabulous painting or a sculpture you want to show off, hang a mirror opposite it, will show it off twice. Here, a mirror has been hung opposite a shimmering capiz light. This not only shows it off, but when it is switched on, will throw extra light around the room. Furniture, soft furnishings, light.

Double the size of your Bathroom
Bathroom smaller than you’d like? It’s a common complaint, so swap a plain square mirror for a more generous version and feel your room grow. Better still, if you can bear it, fill the whole wall with mirrors cut by your local supplier. Mirror, towels and accessories.

Show off the Best Feature
You’ve got it, so flaunt it! Make more of large windows with a large mirror to reflect the grandeur.