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LED - high on efficiency - low on energy

Today's homeowners are making the practical choice of installing high-efficiency LED lighting for environmental and cost saving benefits.


With unlimited lighting possibilities, LED lighting combines state of the art technology to offer homeowners lighting that is environmentally friendly and cost effective. While the upfront cost may cost slightly more than other lighting options, LED lighting can save you money on your annual electricity costs. Consider that, incandescent light bulbs have an average life span of 1,000 hours while an LED bulb has a life span of between 40,000 and 60,000 hours.

Today's LED lighting options are available in a myriad of designs and save up to 90 percent energy. Durable and robust, LED bulbs have the advantage of being significantly smaller, making them ideal for strip and rope lighting, as well as downlights.

From a health and safety point of view, LED bulbs do not contain harmful toxins that are found in incandescent and fluorescent bulbs.  LED bulbs also have the longest lifespan of any type of bulb, lighting a home for up to 25 years.

Types of LED lighting:

◊ LED bulbs for a variety of indoor and outdoor fittings

◊ LED Bulkhead and flood lights

◊ LED Rope lights

◊ LED Strip lights

◊ LED tube lights





In addition to financial saving, LED lighting is ideally imminently suited for outdoor lighting purposes, such as garden lights, security lights and swimming pool lighting.

In short, if you are looking for light at its most beautiful, or for the most modern and sustainable lighting solution, then LED is your ideal choice. Find LED lighting styles at your local Builders Warehouse, or search for an LED lighting supplier in your area.