Getting a home ready to sell

With the property market starting to pick up, many homeowners are now considering the move rather than improve option. But before calling in an estate agent, take the time to make a good impression and increase the selling potential of your property with a few quick and easy projects ...




Investing some energy and money into fixing little problems will ensure that your property looks good and will attract buyers. Even something as unassuming as a clogged drain or dripping tap can negatively impact the overall value of your home. There are many easy and inexpensive ways to clearly differentiate your home so that it appeals to a wide range of buyers ... and in return, yields a fast and profitable sale.



Dressed to impress
To present your home for a quick sale, start by cleaning out. Nothing makes a home look smaller than cluttered countertops, cupboards and closets. Plus, buyers want to envision a home with their own possessions - not yours. You would be surprised at how many potential buyers peek into cupboards and closets on Open Day! Don't think that piling everything behind a door will work - take the time to clean out the clutter.



Update the lighting
Light fixtures are the focal point of many rooms and any money spent on replacing dated fixtures for more modern fittings will instantly update any room.





Exterior lighting showcases the beauty of your home, so make sure that your light fixtures are just as attractive. Update faded, rusty or outdated finishes with a fresh new finish for a minimal price and maximum impact.







Freshen up with flowers
The right landscaping, from a professional landscape company, and use of plants and flowers can greatly improve the appearance of your home. Brighten up pots and containers with a fresh coat of colour, of if the budget allows, splurge on a set of containers to add style and colour to the entrance of your home.



How to paint pots and containers:
Wash the container to remove any dirt and place on newspaper. Sand the exterior with 180-grit sandpaper to create a nice surface to paint over. Apply several light coats of  Rust-Oleum Painters Touch in your choice of colour and leave to dry. One can will paint plenty of pots and it's as easy as that!



Quick and easy makeovers
Simple projects, like a fresh coat of paint or a little landscaping work, will not only make your home feel more warm and inviting, but will also tempt possible buyers and yield a better return on investment when putting your house on the market.

Other projects, like adding a skylight or fireplace, or laying bamboo flooring, will offer those buyers looking for 'green' options a greater incentive and, although these can be expensive to do, they are projects that are a smart investment.



Rent if you can't buy
If you don't already own the tools you need - save your time and energy and make one stop at your local hire store. Stocked with pressure washers to clean off your paving or deck, jackhammers to tear out that uneven front walk and concrete polishers to give your garage floor a distinctive new finish, your nearby rental store is like the ultimate workshop - filled with professional grade tools.

Your local rental professionals will make sure you get the right tools for your job, and they will teach you how to properly use the equipment you will need. And no need to worry about storing the tools once you are done with your project; just return them to the rental store and let them handle the storage and maintenance.