Decorating with rugs

Just like art can enhance a wall and create a focal point, so rugs can add interest to a room. The right rug can do more than add interest, it can also add warmth, texture and colour, and simply by changing a rug you can change the whole look and feel of a room.

The gorgeous teal rug is the focus point of this room. It perfectly combines with the light fixture, the finish on the ceiling and the teal accents on the drapes. This area rug invites you to enter and take a seat. This is the perfect example of the dramatic impact an area rug can have on the design of a space. An area rug is so versatile that by simply replacing it you can have a whole new look.

Striped rugs can give the impression of a longer, larger area when placed opposite furniture. A contemporary monochromatic area rug mirrors the detail in the ceiling, directly framing the space above and adding visual interest to the room. The natural colour scheme creates an interesting contrast with the lively artwork.

The bedroom, which has a sliding door onto the entertainment area, is adorned with a patterned rug that both adds texture and complements the texture of the bedding. It brings together the lighting fixture and cream colour furniture, as well as the art pieces and dark flooring. The area rug also adds the perfect touch of warmth to the room, while still retaining a modern, sleek look.



Long, rectangular area rugs easily create a transition between one space and another. This beautifully coloured rug delineates a pathway between the entrance of the room and the balcony, capturing the colours of the ocean outside. The beachy colours are also reflected in the mirrored cabinet, creating the illusion of a larger space.

This thick, woven rustic rug accentuates the wood and softens the double-volume space and breaks up the solid expanse of the concrete floor. The sisal rug subtly complements the soft furniture that it frames and bring together the wood furniture and accent wall. It perfectly blends the modern look of the space with its casual decor.

The dark chocolate rug allows the beautiful glass table and translucent chairs with their teal and silver upholstered cushions, to take centre stage. The size of the rug defines and delineates the dining space in this open plan room setting.

An area rug plays an important roles in defining a space, but it's important to take your personal circumstances in mind. A home with children and pets will obviously need rugs that are practical and easy to clean. With a variety of styles, patterns, textures and colours choose a rug that complements and enhances a room setting.