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Make a drum pendant without using a frame

In this project we show you how to make a drum pendant shade without having to search high and low for a lampshade frame - using materials you will find at your local Builders Warehouse.


This industrial-style drum shade is easy to make and you can make it without a lampshade frame. Follow the instruction below to make your first drum shade and then customise any way you want. We added a row of white card to the top of our drum shade to provide a contrast to the dark vinyl and spray painting inside the frame with Rust-Oleum metallic gold spray paint.


Acetate or PVC sheet

Contact self-adhesive vinyl

Wire trivet or grill*

Craft knife

Clear sellotape

Cable ties, small

Cutting pliers

Pack of paper clips

Insulation tape, black

Plastic lamp holder

Black wire, approx. 1/2 metre in length

Dremel MultiTool

Check out the braai section at your local Builders store for wire accessories.



1. Measure the diameter of the wire trivet and cut the plastic sheet to this length, adding an extra 100mm for overlap. Secure the join with clear sellotape. This will create a circular shape for the drum shade.

2. Cover the outside of the plastic shape with Contact self-adhesive vinyl. Allow extra at the top and bottom for folding over.

3. Neatly fold over the self-adhesive vinyl and secure on the inside. Cover the inside with self-adhesive vinyl as well, but this this to fit.

4. Fit the wire trivet inside the shade approximately half way up, to mark at three equidistant spots. Use a craft knife to make a small slit.

5. Use a Dremel MultiTool and drill bit (or drill / driver) to drill 3 equally spaced holes in the lamp holder.

6. Place the trivet back inside the shade.

7. Secure the wire trivet in place with cable ties pulled taut and trimmed. These will be visible on the outside of the shade but you can use paint in a matching colour as the vinyl sheet to disguise them.

8. Cut the black wire into 3 equal lengths that will be long enough to reach from the trivet to the lamp holder. Use black insulation tape to secure a paperclip at both ends of each wire.

9. The completed wire clips.

10. Secure one end to the wire trivet.

11. Secure the other end to the lamp holder

12. The completed assembly can be hung on an existing light fitting.


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