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How to wrap up presents

There's more than one way to wrap a present. You can be conservative or eco-conscious and use only recycled materials, you can wrap on a budget, you can wrap gifts that look glam and fun, or you can use your own imagination.


Black, white and red
Not all wrapping paper has to look girly and feminine. Black and white wrapping paper is striking - but for that extra special touch, red ribbon and sealing wax is a real talking point. You can buy sealing wax and stamps from wedding supply shops.

Home grown
Don't forget that some of the prettiest and most natural decorations are also the cheapest! Scour your garden and local parks for fir cones, twigs and berries to decorate your presents with. Clean them carefully with a wire brush before tying them on with ribbon or parcel string.

Dressed up
No matter what your wrapping paper is like, a big shiny bow can make any present look expensively wrapped. Bows, unlike paper, can survive more than one use, so if you're given one you really like on a present, snip it off and save it for next year. So what if the self-stick no longer sticks?

A touch of glamour
These red and white themed presents have been decorated with small baubles. These tiny tree decorations are perfect for the table too - fill tumblers with them for a colourful centrepiece.

On a budget
Wrapped in plain white paper, but decorated with red and silver ribbon. The red and white name tag stickers make sure that everyone gets the right one - and adds a cute touch.

Primary colours
Sometimes it's better to just stick to something easy. Bright primary colours with a single silver ribbon can look amazing when they're all piled up. Kids will love the simple colours - and if you have loads of paper left over that will last you for birthdays all year round!

Glam it up
Silver metallic paper and ribbon can make even average gifts look absolutely stunning when placed under the Christmas tree. Switch on the tree lights and see how the colours are reflected.


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