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Last minute wrapping ideas

Did you leave it too late to stock up on wrapping paper? These fun ideas will help you out of a tight spot and they're pretty and fun to boot. You'll find everything you need at your local stationary shop.



Put some personality into holiday packages with these crafty wrappings. Custom papers are easy to make: Gather your materials (available at craft and office supply stores), put on some tunes, and just follow the directions. Invent your own variations, too!

On the Dot

You will need:
Solid color wrapping paper
Office stickers, such as sales tags and adhesive binder reinforcements

Here's how:
1. Wrap packages.
2. Make patterns on the packages using stickers.
3. To make the bows cut strips 30cm wide by about 1 metre long from the wrapping paper. Fold paper strips in half and roll as tightly as possible from each end to the centre, then let coils spring back. Make several of these; tape them at the centre fold to the packages.

Bubbly Gifts

You will need:
Metallic wrapping paper
White paint
Paper cups (different sizes)
White wrapping paper
Gold ribbon (different sizes)

Here's how:
1. Cut a sheet of metallic wrapping paper large enough to cover the package.
2. Pour paint into saucer. Paint should be consistency of white glue, so you may need to add a little water.
3. Make a hole in the bottom of the cups (to prevent suction). Dip rim of cup into the paint and use like a stamp on the paper. Mix and match small and large sizes to create different patterns. Let dry.
4. Wrap packages in white paper. Add a band of stamped paper around package, leaving white wrapped ends exposed.
5. Tie with gold ribbon.

Express Delivery

You will need:
Brown craft paper
Solid colour wrapping or craft paper
Double-sided tape
Hole punches (different sizes)
Coloured felt or card
Tapestry needle
Twine (to fit needle)
Wooden beads

Here's how:
1. Wrap packages in brown paper.
2. Lay out the coloured wrapping paper and place strips of double-sided tape onto back side of paper. Rub it down as you lay it across the width of the roll so it doesn't wrinkle the paper. Cut these taped strips from the paper with scissors. Decorate the ribbon strips by punching holes of different sizes. We spaced the holes evenly, but you can make random patterns, if you prefer.
3. Carefully lay ribbon onto the package. Start at the top centre, then work toward the sides and to the bottom. Cut various sized circles out of different coloured felt or card.
4. Using a tapestry needle and twine, assemble circles in size order, inserting wooden beads in between. Tie off ends. Tape the toppers to packages.


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