Make a set of J-hooks

Here's a new funky and fun way to hang stuff ... J-hooks are so easy to make.


This is where all those offcuts and scraps of timber and board come in handy. Grab some offcuts, use your jigsaw and clean-cut blade, clamp the timber or board firmly to a work bench, and start making a set of J-hooks.



Use Rust-Oleum Painters Touch to paint them in bold colours and mount them onto the wall, behind the door, or even on built-in cupboard doors - they're great for kids rooms. Paint them white and mount behind the bathroom door for towels.

The secret behind the J-hook is the keyhole bracket mounted at the back of the hook. You will need to find a narrow keyhole bracket, and they can be difficult to find. If your local Builders Warehouse or hardware store does not stock them, ask them to! Or if you are fairly handy with a drill - make your own.

Use the fischer Metal Cavity Fixing when attaching your J-hooks to hollow-core doors or drywall.

Use fischer SX plugs and screws for fixing to brick walls.