Decorative felt placemats

Add a touch of colour to your table with these handy tablemats. Make up a set or two in bright primary colours to dress up your table for family gatherings or fun entertaining.



Plate for template
Paper for template
Felt in different colours
Dressmaker’s chalk
Small sharp scissors
Striped silk or similar fabric - fabric offcuts work perfectly!






Step 1
Trace the circumference of the plate onto some paper. Use a compass to draw another circle within this, with a radius 2cm smaller. Hand-draw small scallops around the edge of the smaller circle, within the outer edge. Cut out with scissors.

Step 2
Position this scallop template over two pieces of felt and pin in place. Use dressmaker’s chalk to trace round the scalloped edge. Cut out with scissors.

Step 3
Cut a smaller circle of paper to the size of the inside rim of the plate and pin to a piece of the striped fabric. Cut out the circle and press under a very small hem all round.

Step 4
Pin and tack the striped circle of material to the double layer of felt, centring it carefully. Then machine-stitch down close to the perimeter of the striped circle.