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Make over an old dresser or chest of drawers

A made-over dresser and mirror (along with new window treatments) turn this wall into a glamorous focal point.


Dresser makeover
This rather plain 1960s bureau with scratches and corroded hardware was spotted in a secondhand shop. Eyed for its simple lines, long legs, and vintage allure, paint perked up this piece. The front drawers were covered in wallpaper, and its status went from retro trash to modern chic.

You will need:

Rust-Oleum Primer
Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch Spray - Heirloom White - Grape
180-grit sandpaper
Clean, slightly damp cloth
Wallpaper or cut out designs
Bostik Spray Adhesive
Craft knife
Rust-Oleum Spray Polyurethane - semi-gloss

Here's how:

To keep this wallpaper project simple, opt for a chest with flat drawer fronts void of any bevels or adornment. If you can't find wallpaper, look for wrapping paper or Internet images printed on plain paper. You will find a nice selection of wallpapers at your local Builders Warehouse, and they're vinyl, which means they are easy to keep clean.

  1. Remove all the handles and take out the drawers. Lightly sand everything with a Bosch random orbit sander to remove the gloss from the varnish. It isn't necessary to sand right down to bare wood. Wipe clean with a slightly, damp cloth.

  2. Shake the can of Rust-Oleum Spray - Blossom White - and lightly spray over all surfaces. You shouldn't need more than one can for the entire project, depending upon the size. Apply two coats of spray, allowing drying time between coats.

  3. Cut out your chosen designs and apply Bostik spray adhesive to the back of each cut out and position onto the dresser front. Use a sharp craft knife to trim off excess.

  4. Spray the entire surface with Rust-Oleum polyurethane spray and leave to dry.

Before making over any piece of salvaged furniture, be sure to clean it well. We took the old hardware off and filled the holes with Alcolin wood filler before resurfacing the chest. Once the wallpaper was dry, we installed the new hardware with a drill/driver.

Mirror - mirror
Gold may be the new standard, but not here. This oval-framed mirror - a family hand-me-down - adds texture and sophistication to the bedroom with its fashionable floral carvings. All it needed was a fresh coat of Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch spray - grape - to tie into the colour scheme.

Salvaging Furniture
When bargain hunting be sure to take room measurements first to ensure that any piece will not be too large for the room. Don't buy the first piece that you see, shop around. It also pays to visit secondhand shops before antique dealers.


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