How to make cafe curtains

Brighten up your window with a colourful cafe curtain. The nice thing about cafe curtains is that they provide a certain amount of privacy without completely blocking out natural light.



Matching thread
Eyelet kit
Telescopic curtain rod that doesn’t require fitting
Tailor’s chalk






1. Measure the width of your window recess and add half as much again. Then measure the chosen length of your curtain. Cut a rectangle of fabric to these dimensions, adding 10cm along the width and 15cm along the length.

2. Stitch a 2.5cm double hem along each side edge and press.

3. To create the top hem and a facing for the eyelets, turn under 2cm along the top raw edge and press. Then turn under another 8cm and press again. Slip stitch hem and hem sides in place. Decide how many eyelets you want and use tailor’s chalk to mark their positions evenly across the width of the curtain along the back of the hem. Note that if your eyelets are larger than 40mm diameter you may need to increase the depth of this top hem. Fix the eyelets in position, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

4. To hang the curtain, thread the telescopic curtain rod through the eyelets and adjust the length of the pole so that it slides snugly into your window recess. Check that it’s level. Pin a 5cm hem along the bottom of the curtain, turning under the raw edge; and adjusting where necessary. Remove pole and take off the curtain. Slip stitch hem in place and press. Your curtain is ready to hang.