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Make a paper note card holder

Christmas is not too far away (again) and that means time to start hunting around for suitable gifts for family and friends. I am one of those that likes to give and receive gifts made with love, and this is one of those gifts. These cute paper note card holders are the perfect gift for a friend or acquaintance and won't cost much to make.


Designed by the paper art studio, these adorable notepad and pen holders are perfect gifts for friends and acquaintances. They are also great gifts to give if you have a baby shower or kitchen tea.

Take a piece of 9cm x 21cm and score at : 9cm, 10cm and 11cm from one end. Crease all score lines with a bone folder. Fold at the 10cm scored line. You will notice the top is shorter than the bottom.

To create pen holder, fold card stock at the 10cm line. Cut two snips from equal distances from the ends.

Open out the folded card and apply double sided sticky strip on the ends as shwon left. Don't put adhesive in the middle section. Decorate the front. Attach Sticky Notes to holder. Enclose a mini pen.

If you make these holders for yourself or as a gift, you can even make up your own notepads. Put all your papers all together and put some paper clip on the borders so as they don't move. Along one edge carefully add. Make sure you are add enough over the entire surface (if a part is missing glue  the paper will be loose) and spread with your finger.

Move the paper clip to the top where you have put the glue, and leave there overnight.


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