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Homemade paper decorations

Decorate your home this festive season with affordable alternatives to ready-made and bought decorations that you can make from paper, magazines and old books. These are the perfect projects for using up all your old wrapping paper, and recycling magazines and books that are falling apart.

This cute Christmas tree is crafted from wrapping paper cut into strips. Ideal for the holiday table for mantelpiece.


Wrapping paper or old greeting cards
Card for making cone
Craft sticky or glue dots
Double-sided sellotape
Star tree topper






1. Roll a piece of card into a cone shape for the cone tree. Secure the ends using glue dots.

2. To make the double-sided strips for the cone tree, use double-sided tape to stick two sheets of wrapping paper together back-to-back.

3. Cut the paper strips to about 2cm wide and 8cm length.

4. Wrap the paper pieces around a pen or pencil to give them a nice curl.

5. Use sticky glue dots to stick each curled piece of paper to the tree. It is best to start at the bottom and work around the base adding the curls and then move up the tree.

Folded magazine Christmas tree

Make your own beautiful Christmas tree display with old magazines. Spray the finished folded magazine tree display with Rust-Oleum glitter spray and add a decorative topper.


Old magazine
Sticky or glue dots
Rust-Oleum glitter spray - silver, gold or red
Rust-Oleum clear glitter sealer
Bone folder or blunt knife
Wire ribbon


1. Remove any thick cover before starting.

2. start off by folding the pages within the magazines. If you don't have a thick magazine you may need two magazines for best effect.

3. Fold down the top right corner of the page on the right hand side to a 45-degree angle as shown left. Use a bone folder or blunt knife to get a crisp edge to your folds.

4. Fold the bottom triangle up so that you have an even bottom edge. Secure this with a sticky or glue dot at the corner. Flip this folded page over to the left.

5. Move on to the next page and repeat the folding until every page has been folded.

Work slowly and carefully until all the pages are completed.

6. After your magazine is folded, take outdoors to spray paint the tree with Rust-Oleum glitter spray.

Only spray on a light dusting of Rust-Oleum glitter spray. Be sure to keep the pages slightly apart so they won't clump. Apply a coat of glitter sealer to finish off. Once dry, use glue dots to close the sections, or glue the two magazines together. Dress your magazine Christmas tree with a wire bow and a decorative tree topper or two.

Rust-Oleum glitter spray is available at your local Builders Warehouse.

Cupcake liner Christmas trees

Go shopping for bright, colourful and delightfully patterned cupcake liners to make your very own cupcaker liner Christmas tree displays.


Cupcake liners
Polystyrene cone (or make your own cardboard cone)
Dressmaking pins


1. Cut open the cupcake liners and cut out the base with sharp scissors. The pleated paper strips are perfect to wrap around a polystyrene cone to form a pretty Christmas tree display.

2. Working from the bottom up, use dressmaking pins to secure the liners to the cone.


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