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Recycle plastic bottles for Christmas craft projects

Here I go again... once more using plastic cold drink bottles. This time I'm using plastic bottles for my Christmas fairy lights. I want to hang them around the window frame, so they need to be BIG. I'm also using plastic bottles to make miniature Christmas trees for the table.


For both the fairy lights and miniature Christmas trees you cut the top of the bottle in exactly the same way, with the exception that the three pieces for the Christmas trees are cut gradually smaller. I sprayed the tops for the fairy lights with Rust-Oleum 2X satin - blossom white, and for the Christmas trees with Rust-Oleum Universal - pure gold.

Although the fairy lights shown above have the cap removed, I think it's better to leave the cap on and drill a hole in the top to allow you to fit individual lights. This is how the shape for the fairly lights and Christmas trees should look.

I dug the caps out of the dustbin and drilled a hole into the top of each cap. The hole is just big enough to allow the LED light to fit through.

I cut strips of Bostik crystal tape and used this to secure the light at the top and around the rim of the bottle cap.

For spraying both projects it helps to have something to put them on top of, so that you can spray all around in one go. You can use a broom handle, a dowel, or an offcut of PVC pipe. Spray on light, even coats, because if you spray on too much in one go - you will have runs and spoil the finished look.

This is a nice project that the kids can make during the school holidays, and for both the fairy lights and Christmas trees they can use a pair of craft scissors. For the Xmas trees I drilled a hole through the caps to allow a skewer to be inserted to hold all the sections together.

After spraying the Xmas trees with Rust-Oleum Universal metallic in pure gold or titanium silver, I used glue dots to stick on metallic stars.

The picture doesn't do justice to the finished Xmas tree... they look gorgeous and would be perfect for dressing up your Christmas table or a mantlepiece.


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