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Make your own decorative wrapping tape

Instead of wrapping your presents with boring sellotape, make rolls of pretty decorative wrapping tape with your favourite patterned wrapping or scrapbooking paper and double-side tape. This wrapping tape is also perfect for wrapping up plain, brown paper wrappings.

Pretty wrapping or scrapbooking paper
Double-sided tape
Craft knife and cutting mat
Steel ruler
Cotton spool


Step 1
Measure the height of the spool, or whatever you are using to store your wrapping tape onto. Use a sharp craft knife and cutting mat to cut the wrapping paper into strips.

Step 2
Unroll the mounting adhesive to expose one of its sticky sides. Carefully lay the paper strip on top of the adhesive and press down, sealing it in place. Using a craft knife, cut the tape out.

Step 3
To attach the tape to a spool, trim away a small piece of the backing at one end of the tape, then press the exposed area against the spool.


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