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DIY festive candle holders

I love making these candle holders at our DIY Divas workshops. All you need is a length of PAR pine or meranti and a spade bit to create a wonderful display that looks amazing on a mantelpiece during the festive season, or as a table centrepiece. The display tapers from the sides to the centre.


These candle holder are made of meranti, which is harder than pine and looks better if left unpainted. But I also love the painted candle holders, and you can make these out of PAR pine.

You will need:

PAR pine or meranti 44 x 44mm or 40 x 50mm
Spade bit to match the diameter of your candles
Quick clamps
Plascon Polvin or Rust-Oleum Universal - titanium silver
Mitre saw, jigsaw, Dremel Saw Max or handsaw

Here's how:

1. Cut the pine or meranti to the lengths as shown below. Apart from the centre holder [E] you need 2 of each.

2. Use a trangle to work out and draw the various cutting angles for the top of each piece.

3. Use a pencil and ruler to mark diagonals at the top of each block. Where the diagonals cross is the centre.

4. Clamp each block firmly before using a spade bit to drill to a depth of 30mm. As mentioned previously, the spade bit should be the same diameter as the base of the candles you will be using.

5. It is easy to cut the angles with a mitre saw, but you can also cut with a jigsaw or Dremel Saw Max, or even a handsaw.


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