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Stencilled Christmas or greeting cards

Here's a fun and affordable way to make your own greeting cards. With greeting cards costing so much these days - anywhere from R20 upwards - making your own cards not only makes sense, the whole family can get involved and be creative.


You will need:

Acetate sheets (I buy mine from Showbiz at Cresta)
Stencil brushes
Assorted craft paints
Paper towels
Craft knife and cutting mat

Here's how:

Step 1
Print out your design from the Internet or other source. Use a craft knife and cutting mat to cut out the design in acetate sheeting, or any plastic sheet. I have previously used plastic file folders and indexes for some of my stencils!

Step 2
Use masking tape to secure the stencil over your piece of card. Use a low tack masking tape so that it will be easy to remove once you are finished.

Step 3
Now let’s put a little bit of paint on our stencil brush and work it into the bristles a little bit by swirling it around on a plate. It's very important to offload some paint onto the paper towel. Less paint is better, trust me.

Step 4
Start stenciling by dabbing and swirling paint over your stencil. Finish all the parts of the design that you want to be red.

Step 5
Now take a second brush (or wipe the first one really, really nice) and stencil the green parts! Use the same dabbing up and down motion, or gentle sweeping-swirling motion. Gently remove the stencil to reveal your design.

And now we can clean all the stencils and put them away till next Holiday season! The clean up is super easy, just place the stencils on the flat surface (a.k.a. baking tray) and scrub with a slightly stiff  brush.

If you can't be bothered to go to the trouble of cutting your own stencils, you can always order them online.


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