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Make your own festive wreath

So many beautiful ideas for a festive wreath and only one door...! There are hundreds of ideas for festive wreaths on the Internet and I decided to select a few to give you ideas and inspiration for dressing up the front door.


I spotted this wreath on etsy and designed by uptown originals. This whimsical and wistful wreath was created on a pine base. In the centre is an adorable metal snowman face surrounded by assorted Christmas ornaments, lollipops, peppermint candy, pine cones, candy canes, berries, snowmen, assorted glittery sprays and snowflakes. Two large triple ribbon bows in a complete this winter fantasy.

This Christmas picnic wreath on etsy is made out of two colours of poly mesh; both are red and white but each has a different pattern. This wreath is accented with five different decorative ants, glitter accent pieces, red sequin ribbon, red and white polka dotted ribbon, and red ornaments.

Haeley at design improvised used gift bows stuck onto a circular frame to create the absolutely stunning wreath. I like the idea of collecting bows from gifts for this project, so that it doesn't cost you as much as it would if you had to buy all the bows.

Brit at britco made her version of a gift bow wreath with gold bows hot glued onto a circular cardboard cutout.

This wreath on Etsy won't cost a cent to make if you recycle old books. If you can't bear the thought of ripping up one of your own books, visit a secondhand store or pawn shop and buy a couple of cheap, old books. You will find instructions on how to make the bows in our Craft section.

I'm addicted to glittery and shiny and have a tendency to buy every Christmas bauble I see, which means I have more than enough to put together a bauble wreath like the one shown above. Becky at matt and becky glued all her baubles onto a styrofoam wreath, but you could also use a cardboard cutout.

Throw a party NOW and tell every guest to BTOB - of wine. By the time the party is over you should have enough wine corks to make this recycled wine cork wreath spotted on recyclart.

If you don't have THAT many friends... there are other designs that you could consider, like this one spotted on Etsy.

One of the most affordable options for making your own festive wreath is to use freshly cut herbs, foliage and flowers from the garden, as show below in this wreath from Etsy. Rosemary and lavendar not only look good - they smell gorgeous and will impart their scent to your home every time to door opens!

And who says you can't incorporate your own personal touches here and there. Green foliage and red chillies look stunning when combined in a wreath.


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