Make your own wall art with scrap wood

Some scrap pieces of wood, a stencil, and acrylic paint in plain and metallic colours are all that you need to create this stunning wall art.















I had an incredibly lucky moment a few months ago, when some friends asked me to make a few signs for their house. They wanted to pull apart a beautiful old chest that was in their home and use that wood for the project, and offered me the rest of the wood to use as I wished. The wood is beautiful, rich, warm and weathered, and I was thrilled.





I lined up the boards and enlisted a few cute handymen to secure them to one another on the back with metal braces. Then, with a flat base I started on my stencil.





I started off with a shimmery bronze paint that was a very similar shade as the wood. I lightly sprayed the stencil with a tacky stencil adhesive, and placed it a bit off-centre on top of the wood. I then grabbed a stiff stencil brush and started to layer on the bronze. I let the bronze paint dry, repositioned the stencil, and painted a shimmery gold colour on the corners of the board, overlapping a bit of the bronze branches.





When this was dry I centred the stencil, and started in on my lightest colour, a creamy white. I pulled away the stencil and was done! I attached wire hanging gear across the back and put it right up on the wall. One of my favourite things about this piece is how different it looks depending on where you're standing in the room. When the light is hitting it just right, all of the shimmery colours just pop out.