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Wood candle holders

Since pruning some of the larger shrubs and cutting off overhanging trees limbs in the garden, I've found lots of interesting ways to use the wood. After letting it dry for a couple of weeks, I'm now starting to use the wood for various craft projects on the Home-Dzine website.


With my trusty Bosch Li-Ion Drill/Driver and a 38mm spade bit, I drilled out holes in the top of various lengths of thick branches. If you are using a spade bit for the first time, start slowly until the bit starts to bite into the surface of the wood, and make sure that you have a very firm grasp on the branch to prevent it from spinning around.

I let the tealight candles stand slightly above the top of the branches, to make it easier to remove any wax that flows over. You can use the same process for taper candles, which would look stunning on a dining table, or as part of a centrepiece.