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Make wire and bead ornaments

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to dress the Christmas tree, these wire and bead ornaments won't cost much and you can use mismatched beads to make them bright and colourful.

1. Start by stringing your beads onto a 1 metre length of wire. The thinner the wire the better, as it needs to be thin enough to thread through the beds.

2. A small balloon makes it easy to keep the shape. Blow up to the size that you want your ornaments to be.

3. Leave a 10cm tail and then start loosely wrapping the balloon with wire - moving the beads down the wire and placing them as you go. At the top, twist the wire together and continue wrapping in another direction.

4. Continue to wrap and move the beads into place, twisting every so often as you cross the top .

5. When all your beads are on the balloon, continue wrapping the wire around the balloon, lacing it through some of the larger beads. This helps everything stay in place and not uncoil when you pop the balloon.

6. Finish wrapping and loop the wire up and down a couple times to make a hook at the top. I loop the tail end under the whole mess of wire at the top and twist to hook them together. Pop the balloon and you're done!


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