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Buy washi tape in South Africa

Washi tape is a printed Japanese paper tape that is self-adhesive and comes in rolls like regular sticky tape. What makes washi tape so special is the designs and colours it comes in. Some designs are partially transparent, allowing the colour of the material underneath to show through. These beautiful tapes can be used for many different purposes from craft projects, scrapbooking, and decor items to creative packaging.


Washi has found a new form as a tape, usually combined with acrylic glue. It is similar to masking tape in that it is removable from most surfaces. Washi is produced in a way similar to that of ordinary paper, but fewer chemicals are used. It involves a long and intricate process that is often undertaken in the cold weather of winter, as pure, cold running water is essential to the production of washi. Cold inhibits bacteria, preventing the decomposition of the fibres. [wikipedia]

Use washi tape to embellish invitations, greeting and place cards, gift tags, envelopes and in so many other endless ways with papercraft projects.

Washi tape is perfect for wrapping around recycled cans, jars and almost any other item you can think of to repurpose and reinvent.

While washi tape can be wiped, if you want a washable finish you will need to apply a clear acrylic sealer - of ModPodge - over the taped area to protect.

Apply washi tape to wooden clothes pegs to use as decorative hangers for a notice board or as party favours.

Washi tape comes in a wide range of designs and colours and they are super easy to use. The self-adhesive backing allows the tape to be stuck to almost any surface.


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