How to reupholster a love seat or sofa

There are hundreds, if not thousands of upholstery projects on the Internet. Some of these upholstery projects are so-so, some totally lack instructions that make any sense, and then there are a select few that provide detailed instructions that you can follow. With a view to showing you how easy re-upholstering furniture can be I decided to post a few projects for you to take a look at...

Charlotte at ciburbanity transformed a vintage love seat found on craiglist into a feature piece for her lounge.

Shellagh at ticking and toile found a similar piece, also on craiglist, and the newly upholstered love seat now sits at the bottom of her bed.





Aimee Swikit makes reupholstery look oh so easy and her finished pieces are stunning. Must be honest... I learn't a few new tricks myself from this feature on reupholstering a love seat.

Classy Clutter turned a bargain secondhand find into a reupholstered masterpiece - no small feat for someone who has never done any upholstery project before. If you are afraid to take that first step and rip apart your sofa, find a small chair that you can try first.

Ashley on makeit-loveit reupholstered an old and worn armchair for her new nursery. There are hundreds of pictures that accompany the step-by-step process of how she did it.


  • When buying fabric make sure that you select upholstery fabric. If you're not sure, ask the sales consultant. Upholstery fabric is classed according to use and durability.
  • If you are making a slipcover that can be removed for washing, ensure that fabric is 100% washable, or you will spend a fortune on dry cleaning.
  • Take your time. There's no point in trying to do this type of project in a day. If you do the job properly and with care your reupholstery project should look just as good as one professionally done.