Make and decorate a coffee tray

I'm always looking for ways to use my tools and decided to give wood burning a try. In this project you will make and decorate a coffee tray with a woodburnt design using a Dremel Versatip - soldering iron.



Piece of supawood to size of tray - you can also use pine or other wood if you wish
25mm dowels
Ponal wood glue
Dremel Versatip soldering iron
8mm dowels
Drill/Driver and 8mm wood bit
Tape measure and pencil
240-grit sandpaper






1. Sand the edges of the board before you start.

2. Using a tape measure, determine the centre of each side and mark at 4cm on either side. Repeat this for the 25mm dowels.

3. Drill 8mm holes in the board and dowels to a depth of 4 to 6mm. You don't need to be exact for this but don't go any deeper.

4. Place a small drop of wood glue in the holes in the board and insert the dowels. Tap in lightly with a hammer for a tight fit.

5. Put a small drop of wood glue into the holes in the dowel and match the holes to the dowels in the board. Tap lightly with a hammer. Check that the handles are level and make any adjustments.

Wood burning
Having never attempted wood burning before I was eager to get started. I used my Dremel Versatip soldering iron for the project. What's nice about this tool is the fact that it runs on gas - so you can use it anywhere. You can also adjust the heat to create light and dark areas. I also tried using the Dremel Versaflame with soldering tip, and it also worked well.

Draw or trace your design onto the board. As you start to use the Versatip you will quickly pick up how much pressure is required and the best position to hold the tool. You will find plenty of images to use from the Internet.

I had so much fun doing the design that I decided to add a little bit extra onto the handle. Don't overdo it - it's so easy that you won't want to stop!