Make a DIY beer caddy

Here's a gift you can make for the 'Man who has everything!' Make a DIY beer caddy and then fill it up with his favourite beer! The beer caddy features a vintage bottle opening on one side and you might be lucky to find one of these at your local secondhand or antique shops, or leave it off.


1 of pine dowel 12mm diameter x 250mm length
1 of laminated pine 550 x 1800mm
1 of quarter sheet of 3mm plywood or masonite
Woodoc 5 and stain concentrate in your choice of colour
Painting brush
Panel pins
Jigsaw, table saw or Dremel Saw Max
240-grit sandpaper

*Pieces for 1 x DIY beer caddy, but you might get them all out of a sheet if you arrange the pieces carefully.






Step 1
Use the cutting diagram above to cut out all the parts you will need for the DIY beer caddy. You can use a jigsaw, table saw, Dremel Saw Max or handsaw to cut out all the piece. Cut one side and then use this as a template for the other side. Sand all the pieces for smooth edges.

Step 2
Use a 12mm spade bit to drill the holes in the side panels for the 12mm dowel. Place one side on top of the other to drill out both holes at the same time. Be sure to clamp the wood before drilling with the spade bit, as the wood may spin.

Step 3
Apply sealer or varnish to all the cut parts according to the instructions. After letting the stained wood panels dry overnight it was construction time. Wherever possible the boxes were held in place first with wood glue and then nailed with a panel pin.

I think the boxes turned out great, they look nice and are surprisingly sturdy. If you're looking for a gift for the 'Man who has everything!' this was a pretty fun project and almost certainly not something your friends have already been gifted.