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Make a patchwork tin star

I have been looking for ways to use up my collection of aluminium cold drink cans and decided to make a patchwork star using the cans. I think the patchwork tin star came out great and will definitely be making more.



Aluminium cans (any type)
Offcut of timber or board
Craft knife and cutting mat
Steel rule and pencil
Staple gun and staples OR hammer and nails






Draw out the shape for your star with the steel rule and pencil. You don't have to make a star, you can make any shape you want.

Use a jigsaw and clean-cut blade to cut out the star shape. Clamp the board to a workbench and cut out in sections.

Cut the top and bottom off the cans using a Dremel Multitool and cutting disk. Wear goggles when cutting aluminium or steel. Clamp the can to a workbench so that it does not move around as you cut.

Aluminium cans are very thin and you can do the rest of the cutting with a sharp craft or Stanley knife. Do have the sheet on a cutting board or cutting mat.

Here you can see that I cut out some shapes that fit onto the star points, as well as some random pieces for here and there.

Use a stapler along the edge to secure to the star board. You could also use nails and a hammer. I like the staples as it adds to the patchwork effect.