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Adorable, quick and easy teacher appreciation gift ideas

As we head towards the December school holidays, parents are trying to think up unique ideas for teacher appreciation gifts. To make life a little easier, because who isn't stressed these days, I put together a collection of adorable, quick and easy teacher appreciation gift ideas from pinterest and the web that you and your children can make together.


ABOVE: Some colourful elastic and scraps of felt and card-mounting fabric are all that you need to make these book page holders.

ABOVE: A simple picture frame and your PC printer are all that you need to create a heartfelt teacher appreciation gift.

ABOVE: Shop for scented handwash and make up a unique card label to show your teacher appreciation.





ABOVE and BELOW: Something as simple as a colourful pot plant can express teacher appreciation when teamed with an inspiring thank you. Succulents are wonderful as gifts, because you never know if the person you are giving to has a green thumb!

ABOVE: Make a pencil vase using a recycled glass or plastic container and some pencils wrapped with a pretty ribbon. Pop in fresh cut and colourful flowers and you have a winning teacher appreciation gift.

ABOVE: If you love using scrap wood you can use offcuts to make a touching display. Sand and paint, or stain, the blocks in your choice of colour and use a paint pen to embellish, or paint an entire board with kind inspiration.