Barcode wall art

When I set out to decorate my guest room, my most pressing stipulation was that it cost next to nothing. That forced me to shop in my closets and look for things around the house for things I could re-purpose. I've had these canvases under a bed for 2 1/2 years. With a little paint and tape I realized I could make them work with the new colour scheme for the new room.


Masking tape - different thicknesses
Acrylic paint in brown, green, white
Foam roller
Artists paintbrush - fine






1. Apply two coats of the brown over the front and sides of the boards. Leave this to dry thoroughly, or it will peel off when you remove the masking tape.

2. Mask off for the white stripes and paint using a small foam roller. Don't have too much paint on the roller and only apply light pressure to prevent bleed.

3. Let dry until the paint is tacky but not completely dry before removing the masking tape. Use the brown paint and a small artists paintbrush for touch ups.

4. Repeat the above step to apply the green paint.

5. Attach picture hangers to the back of each board - making sure that there are placed exactly in the middle - and hang your new art.