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'Take out' the advent calendar

This creative advent calendar puts a new spin on 'taking out' the calendar for the festive season. This advent calendar is made using Chinese-style take out boxes that are stacked up to create a seasonal advent calendar.

Soft white, coloured or patterned card for the boxes
Red and green card
Chinese take out box template
Craft knife and cutting mat
Bone scoring tool or blunt knife
Glue dots, staples or thin wire for handle

1. Print out the template and cut out using a craft knife.

2. Working on your cutting mat, score along the printed lines using a blunt knife and ruler, or bone scoring tool if you have one. The scored lines make it easy to fold the box into shape.

3. Fold up the four sides of the template into the shape shown above. This shape has flaps that protrude out at each of the four corners.

4. Fold the flaps at the four corners of the box and bend them over and onto the sides.

5. You can use sticky glue dots or staple the flaps onto the sides, or you can make a thin wire handle to hold the flaps in place for a more genuine take out box.

6. With the box finished, cut pieces of red and green card to fit into the side flaps, which will become the front of the box for your advent calendar display. Cut out numbers to stick onto each piece of coloured card.


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