Stepladder shelves

Recycling an old stepladder is also a great storage idea for a bathroom towel hanging rack, or for having a few decor accessories on display.

Love this idea! Pretty Handy Girl repurposes an old stepladder into attractive and practical shelving that you can use indoors or outdoors. Now all you have to do is find an old stepladder!






1. To make these shelves, measure the width of each step and then cut a piece of wood to this size. Vary the width of each piece of wood to allow for the ladder to be positioned at a slant against a wall. Test each board as you go along so that the ladder sits nicely and then mark each board with a line so that you know where to place on each step.

2. Cut a strip of pine to fit on the back edge of each piece of board. Fasten this onto the board with wood glue.

3. Have a clamp handy, or someone to hold for you, while you screw the boards to the top of each step.